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Once upon time…

My heart felt in Love with a charity in India…

Once upon a time my heart fell in Love with this incredible country called INDIA! And a charity called El Shaddai in Goa located in a small village named Assagao.

I was lost, spoiled and unhappy. My life was too easy and too complicate at the same time. My heart was broken and my soul was empty. So India from the far away and other side of the world as it is Dubai appears to me like the Promise Land! It wasn’t true but I am grateful because what I had learn in India so far, were several lessons that I couldn’t never learn in 20 years in Europe.

So India gives me the courage to face the truth and also to wake me up in a certain way. But as you guess it’s a long process before to realise who you are, what you want and what really matters !

Looking back and researching in my past into millions of photographs I have taken makes me understand more today after 8 years then I couldn’t understand at that time.

It was a long long journey… The story is simple, me unhappy in this unreal luxury country called UAE and the children on the street starving to eat and begging to survive. The equation was very simple !

Move your brain and start to act. I wasn’t considering of course into the equation my weakness, my emotional instability and the difficulties to change from a lifestyle to another!

Well, I did it ! Fearless and with total unconsciousnesss. The result has been a total disaster… Good ideas, but bad team, good feelings and intentions, wrong surroundings. Mix everything into a bowl and the result has been an atomic bomb for my life ! To be continued….

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We have been copied and hacked !

Yes, today after long time I can make this confession: Since my residency in Goa, my idea about showing through a Blog different side of Goa. To help people to discover and enjoy the best hidden place in this part of India who could be a paradise or a hell !


From Instagram we have been contacted and make a meeting with the owner of the BIG Fanpage only to help us ! He told us that, but the result has been very different. They say we gonna give you visibility, assistance, support, join our blog and share your content within our blog !!! Here was the trick…


Creativity is not often going to pair with Business and indeed we were all artist and not at all focusing on money like my first one partner in this blog, who was only welling to make money on my back first and then to the others…

Yes, because this world is full of people willing to make you do something for them. They act like they are so cool, but they aren’t ! Touch their interest once and You will discover their true face.


Why ? because in a certain way, they integrated our wordpress website’s blog inside their owns they took the traffic and left nothing for us! Today they make great MONEY and BUSINESS but their hands are not clean. And one day the Karma will make this right.

By the way now:

We are looking for writers and photographers, please contact us here:

with Love from my paradise island

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La Vie Boheme Fashion Store in Goa

La vie Boheme Goa Beach Shop is the first flagship boutique store of the “La vie Boheme” brand by Vero M. It is a fitting welcome to arguably one of the most popular restaurants in Goa, the chic and trendy Thalassa on Vagator beach. Along with the Vero M. label, the boutique showcases original, elegant, multifaceted collections of chic bohemian women’s wear and jewellery that are comfortable, fashionable and fun.


Vero M was born in France and left for Barcelona and Ibiza after graduation where she first brought to life her creations. She then moved to Dubai followed by Thailand and she started designing pieces of jewelry. She settled few years in Singapore, spending a lot of time in Bali getting more inspired and started her own label after opening her beach shop in Goa, India. Her brand reflects her inspirations, desires, personality and lifestyle. She now divides her time between India and South east Asia and continues to travel the world.

unnamed (1)

La Vie Boheme is the result of Vero M’s search for all things chic and Bohemian. She envisioned the brand after exploring the world only to realize how tough it is to find the perfect bag that was stylish and functional at the same time. Veronique’s love affair with fashion has now evolved into this diverse collection of trendy, yet practical fashion wear. Aside from creating stunningly designed bags, La Vie Boheme by Vero M also includes mesmerizing pieces of jewelry and comfortable clothing that complement perfectly every item on the collection.

unnamed (2)

All pieces are put together with the perfect combination of passion and precision, keeping in mind the convenience sought out by versatile individuals who juggle both the city and beach lifestyles. Bags and clothes are light weight, easy to carry pieces. Materials used are hand-picked with love. All the bags consist of 100% leather, and are hand-made. Clothes are made with only the finest fabrics. The jewelry designs are made of silver and partnerships with jewelry from Jaipur that carries amazing collection of antique and precious pieces.

unnamed (3)

Our logo, the Lotus Flower, symbolizes the sun and creation in ancient Egypt, spiritual awakening and beauty in Buddhism and Hinduism. The Lotus represents the beauty and strength of a woman, which is defined by ‘La vie boheme’. The collections are made for women of every age, wherever they may be. La Vie Boheme is designed for the strong, independent, bold women on the move who are not afraid to make statements and be noticed.

unnamed (4)

Our last collection ” Enchanted forest ” is inspired by the tropical forests of Asia, instilling the illusion of life such as the lotus, bamboos and tropical birds on our hand- painted bags and shoes and embroidered clothes. When ancient handiworks and contemporary fashion meet, enchantment transcends and “La vie boheme by Vero M.” lives to tell its story.


The La vie Boheme boutique is located in Vagator as you enter Thalassa Greek Restaurant Elegant, and sophisticated, colourful and relaxed, blending easily with Thalassa’s Mediterranean ambience, the stores decor is a fitting welcome to the ever popular beach Taverna. Alluring bright colours of the leather bags and clothing draw your eyes in…

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We are on Facebook

Thanks for our brilliant social networking guy Arun Lobo, we have today 22,145 Likes !!!!

with Post Reach = 477,485 ( only one week ) !!!

and the greatest engagement like: 36,274 talking about !!!!




For celebrating the 22,000 LIKES amazing result and numbers we have create also the very Limited Edition of Goa No Limits Fan page.

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A new French Patisserie in town , Panjim GOA

Yesterday night was a happy moment for the French community in Goa , as we had the chance to witness the opening of the extremely tempting “Delicieux “ .

A truly French Café & Patisserie in the capital of Panjim.

On this occasion Mr Vishnu Surya Wagh former Congress general secretary came personally to cut officially the red ribbon. The shop is positioned on the Miramar coastal road (Facing Carasid) just before the Dona Paula roundabout.

In the “boutique” you find the best classic of French pastry like delectable “Chocolate éclair” ,mouth watering “Lemon tart”  exquisite “Tatin Tart”, delightful “Meringue”  ,scrumptious “choux a la crème” and others  delicacies with Mango and Chocolate delicate flavor.

But overall you feel as you are truly in France in an genuine original French patisserie.

A delicate, lovely and tasty experience you can’t miss, and that you have to share with Gourmand and Gourmet fans .

Opening hours 7 days a week from 10 am to Midnight


Street View Photography

First of all the gender of street photography start many years back since the camera exist. And it’s all about what happen in the streets. If you love street photography, straight photography…

Source: Street View Photography

Street View Photography

First of all the gender of street photography start many years back since the camera exist. And it’s all about what happen in the streets. If you love street photography, straight photography, candid photography, black and white photography, color photography, urban photography, street portrait photography, documentary photography…  Then this gonna be the right place. goa-mapusa-2013-web



Yoga with Mariana in Goa

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